Coffee & Tea

Art of Tea 2017 Easel Calendar

There is a great deal of people in the world drinking tea. They may be Chinese, Japanese, English, Tibetan, Russian, Korean of Indian, or just about anyone from any of the worlds 193 different countries. They may drink their tea hot, iced or lukewarm. The ...

Coffee 1000 Piece Puzzle

Looking for a great coffee puzzle? At Eight O'clock, the Old Dutch would put their Reliance on Rocket Fuel with a touch of Saffron to hunt Caribou. Not really - these in fact are brands of vintage and newer coffees included in Coffee, a colorful collage p ...

Coffee 1000 Piece Puzzle

"Coffee 1000-Piece Puzzle. Box size: 8"" x 8"" x 2.37"". Finished Size: 19.25"" x 26.5"". You don't have to go to the café to enjoy a delectable assortment"

Coffee 2017 Monthly  Pocket Planner

A must-have for coffee lovers on the go29-month monthly format (August 2016-December 2018)Wrapped in a vinyl sleeve for durabilitySlightly larger than a standard checkbook so it can be portable for convenience

Coffee 2017 Wall Calendar

The (No Suggestions) brand is a distinctive line of trendy, fashion-forward and widely appealing illustrations paired with original and witty words to drink by. Always colorful and energetic, allow these coffee designs to enhance your day with a style you ...

Coffee Delights 2017 Wall Calendar

Prints from this popular series can be seen hanging in homes and businesses around the worldPerfect for coffee lovers and vintage art admirersIncludes a 3 year at-a-glance spreadPrevious and next month views

Coffee Makes Me Poop Coffee Mug

We all have been there. You start off your day casually browsing The Atlantic for your morning news, taking a sip of some stimulating hot beverage, and there it is -Coffee Makes Me Poop.

Color My World 2017 Desk Calendar

LANG now offers Desk Calendars. Perfect for your office or at home

Cup of Tea 2017 Wall Calendar

Perfect for tea drinkersPrevious and next month viewsObserves major holidays and moon phases

Grandma's Chintz 2,000 Piece Puzzle

Grandma's Chintz is beautifully displayed on a vibrant pink hutch with the fresh cut flowers from Grandma's garden.

Lisa Kaus Coffee Wall Calendar

Free wallpaper download for your computer desktop every month to match your wall calendarFeatures 12 rich full-color artwork by Lisa Klaus printed on linen embossed paperComes with matching linen embossed gift jacketBrass hanging grommet to prevent calend ...

Tea Please 550 Piece Puzzle

This puzzle should be just your cup of tea! Choose from Chai, Ceylon, Red Rose, Brooke Bond, Vesper, Horniman, Twining, Lipton, Betsy Ross, or my own favorite, Typhoo. Then take your pick of an array

Teapots 1000 Piece Puzzle

"Teapots 1000-Piece Puzzle. Box size: 8"" x 8"" x 2.37"". Finished Size: 19.25"" x 26.5"". Tea lovers will salivate at this gorgeous collection of teapots."

Teapots 2017 Easel Calendar

Color photographs of intricately decorated ceramic teapots from around the world.

The Collectible Teapot and Tea 2017 Wall Calendar

Celebrate twenty years of the calendar that brings the delightful ritual of afternoon tea to every month with a vintage tea set and a spread of treats. The Collectible Teapot & Tea Calendar invites the reader to sit down to a beautifully arranged teatime ...