Beagle 2014 Wall Calendar

Beagle Wall Calendar: The Dog Club presents 2014 Beagle Calendar. Beagles are curious, happy, playful and obedient. The most famous Beagle is “Snoopy” from the Peanuts cartoon. They are known to be gluttons. The 2014 Wall Calendar includes 12 photos for ...

Beagle Air Freshener

Beagle Air Freshener: Car odors tend to overstay their welcome. You know the ones - last night's carryout, this morning's gym clothes or last weekend's trip to the dog park. Allow this vanilla scented Beagle eliminate these persistent smells. Air freshene ...

Beagle Blue Walking Stick Rain Umbrella

Beagle Blue Walking Stick Rain Umbrella: Identify yourself and your favorite dog breed with this beautiful walking stick rain umbrella featuring a Beagle silhouette image. Take this stylish umbrella with you to the park, on walks, on errands … wherev ...

Beagle Bobble Head

"This adorable Beagle will wiggle his way into your heart. The wobbly-headed pup is made of high quality, hand painted resin and stands approximately 4.25"" tall. Great for home, office, or dash! The perfect gift for any dog lover! Does not include adhesi ...

Beagle Bookmark

"These bookmarks featuring charms made of Zinc Alloy with a Nickel plating are as adorable as your own pet. Each metal bookmark has a charm attached by ribbon and measures 4 1/2"" long x 1"" wide. This bookmark features the quote: ""Dogs are not our whole ...

Beagle Boulevard Street Sign

Beagle Boulevard Street Sign: Hang this fun decorative street sign anywhere to show your love for your favorite dog breed! This double-sided sign is made of durable material and is completely waterproof. UPC: 729173964130

Beagle Calendar Caddy & Leash Hook

This wall mount is decorative as well as functional—you can use it as a calendar hanger and/or leash hook. The lovable breed specific décor will look great hanging on your wall. Know a fan of the breed? This makes the ultimate gift! Will hold an ...

Beagle Calendar Caddy and Leash Hook

Beagle Calendar Caddy and Leash Hook: A little easier to get ready for a nice walk with your pet. With their breed specific Leash Hooks that can be mounted anywhere, you can now have your pet's leash ready to go. This wood plank will certainly fit the rus ...

Beagle Car Chime

"This beautifully designed car wind chime featuring a ceramic ""I Love My Beagle"" double-sided disc delivers a pleasant tinkling sound that won't interfere with your hearing while driving. It is the perfect length for your rear view mirror—easily attache ...

Beagle Caution Sticker

"This ""Caution Area Patrolled by Beagle"" sticker is a great way to let everyone know you have a Beagle. This 3 &#189 x 3-&#189 inch vinyl sticker can be displayed anywhere."

Beagle Ceramic Wall Plaque

Decorate your home or office with this stylish and expertly crafted Beagle Ceramic Wall Plaque from Spoontiques! For Beagle lovers, this plaque will make an ideal addition to any room. A sturdy ribbon is attached allowing for instant hanging. The high-glo ...

Beagle Collie Pen

Smooth writing roller pen featuring the Beagle paintings of the famous canine artist Ruth Maystead.

Beagle Cover for iPhone

Dress up and protect your mobile phone while expressing your love for your pet or favorite dog breed with this charming and colorful Cover for iPhone! Featuring an innovative, ergonomic design made with high quality materials, this Cover for iPhone stylis ...

Beagle Cover for iPhone 5

Beagle Cover for iPhone 5: High quality rubber iPhone cover with glossy aluminum back plate. Available for iPhone 4/4s and 5. UPC: 646073109501

Beagle Cutout Magnet

These adorable dog magnets by Bumper Pet are made in the USA using a flexible yet durable magnetic material, making them perfect for the fridge or bumper. Each magnet is cut out in the shape of the breed and uses words specific to their individual charact ...

Beagle DogHouse Resin Ornament

"Beagle Dog House Resin Ornament: BEAGLE in Dog House Resin Christmas Ornament NICE!! Approx size 3 1/2 x 4"" high. Nice detailed design. Ornament has open space on the banner near the dogs head, great for personalizing. UPC: 086131158735" ...

Beagle Euro Decal

"These laminated, vinyl decals are primarily intended for application on vehicles, but any surface is an acceptable venue to ""show off"" your best friend. The decal has a removable adhesive which allows for easy transfer. The perfect gift for any Beagle ...

Beagle Foodie Magnet

"Beagle Foodie Magnet: Beagles are well known for their superior sense of smell and ability to seek out all kinds of snacks. This Beagle proudly claims the title of ""World's #1 Foodie."" Sturdy refrigerator magnet is 2”x3” and is made out of me ...

Beagle Glasses Holder

Beagle Glasses Holder: These hand painted originals are sure to win over both young and old pet lovers. OptiPets Makes the perfect novelty gift for the person that has everything EAN: 5060083426116

Beagle Greeting Card

Featuring an adorable Beagle, this blank card connects with their recipient on a personal level. Perfect for any occasion, allowing you as a sender to really express yourself. Plus each card features fun facts and trivia on the back.