Bird Art

Audubon Birds Gallery 2017 Desk Calendar

It's like having a bird alight on your desktop, every day. The Birds Gallery spotlights hundreds of species, each photographed in full color and exquisite detail in its native habitat, Audubon Birds Gallery 2017 Desk Calendar is a vibrant tribute to the b ...

Audubon Songbirds 2017 Wall Calendar

Features a picture a day all year longInformative text accompany each imageIncludes a 4-month at a glance September - December 2016A free page-a-day digital calendar

Beautiful Birds Sandy Clough 2017 Wall Calendar

Features works of Sandy Clough Perfect as a holiday gift Previous and next month views Includes moon phases and major U.S. holidays

Birds 2017 Poster Calendar

Birds and Nests 2017 Poster Calendar features a stately collection of exquisitely hand-colored bird and nest prints from the 18th and 19th century. Each month, admire a stunning portrait of the natural world.

Birds and Blossoms 1,000 Piece Puzzle

Birds & Blossoms. A colorful assortment of birds populate dense foliage, including blue jays, hummingbirds, chickadees, robins, goldfinches and grosbeaks - both pine and red-breasted. And, to keep puz

Birds in the Garden 2yr Planner

The monthly-view format includes pen, extra pages for notes and a reference section with future years and holidays.

Birds in the Garden Mthly Pkt Planner

Artwork by Jane Shasky.Publisher: Lang CompaniesFormat: PlannerTime Span: 12 Month StandardPrevious and next month viewsA separate space for birthdays and anniversaries

Birds in the Garden Mthly Planner

For use at a desk or while traveling, the Monthly Planner is for the busy, multi-tasking consumer looking for organization in their life.

Birds of a Feather 500 Piece Puzzle

It's hard to believe such sweet little creatures could create such a demanding, 500-piece puzzle. Perhaps the challenge lies in the colors and markings of the birds. Or maybe it's the similar backgrounds and repeated patterns that make it so tough. What d ...

Birds Oiseaux 1000 Piece Puzzle

Birds! Birds! Everywhere. From the historic pages of an artfully illustrated French dictionary, these beautiful birds illustrated by Adolphe Philippe Milot make a wonderfully challenging and educational puzzles. Bird watch out for toucans, parakeets, falc ...

Birds on a Wire 500 Piece Puzzle

Artwork of beautiful backyard birds500 pieces is a fun challengeImage is printed in amazing detailPuzzle pieces are durable and strong

Birds with Skates 500 Piece Puzzle

Seven beautiful Birds With Skates, what a sight to see! They've gathered to form a plan. How do we get these ice skates off the fence and onto the snow for some winter fun? Indulge in a high-quality 500 piece Cobble Hill puzzle. Made in the USA.

Bluebirds 500 Piece Puzzle

500 piece puzzle with a painting of bluebirdsHigh quality pieces won't bend or break500 pieces is a fun challengeMade in the USA

Breakfast Club 1000 Piece Puzzle

Enjoy creating this lovely Breakfast Club scene by Greg Giordano. Experience the nature as birds gather in a tree for a bountiful breakfast of bird seed and berries.

Butterflies Of The World 1000 Piece Puzzle

Blue jays, cardinals, and other feathered friends abound in this 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle from White Mountain Puzzles.

Cedar Waxwing 100 Piece Puzzle

A cloud of small birds descends on a tree just overhead. When you glance up, one of them cocks its head, blinks at you, and hops to a lower branch to get a better look. The art of Molly Hashimoto offers us these sorts of rare encounters.

Eden Project 2017 Wall Calendar

The Art of Fine Gifts: This wall calendar brings together a charming selection of illustrations of our feathered friends from the Eden Project. From beloved birds such as the Hummingbird or the Blue Tit to the more exotic looking Californian Quail or Roul ...

Fall Birds 1000 Piece Puzzle

The Fall Birds gather around the popular red barn feeder to greet one another on this crisp autumn morning. What will these beautiful birds get up to today? This 1000 piece puzzle will bring joy to every puzzler no matter the season.

Field Guide 2017 Wall Calendar

Features artwork handpainted by Susan Winget. Large grid for recording appointments, birthdays and personal remindersWith free bonus download of 12 images featured in this calendarPrevious and next month viewsIncludes moon phases and major U.S. holidays

Fine and Feathered 2017 Wall Calendar

Birds of a feather will flock to this 2017 Wall Calendar by Legacy, featuring artist Sueellen Ross's stunning, realistic portraits of North American birds. Each 12-month calendar is printed on high-quality, linen-embossed paper that has a distinctive, lux ...